Wisdom that Works

A Study of James

Patience and Prayer SERIES Patience and Prayer

James 5:7-20 / 4.2.17
Luke Le Duc

Warnings About Riches SERIES Warnings About Riches

James 5:1-6 / 2.26.17
Bruce Mawhinney

Resistance and Submission SERIES Resistance and Submission

James 4:1-10 / 3.19.17
Luke Le Duc

Meekness and Peace SERIES Meekness and Peace

James 3:13-18 / 3.12.17
Luke Le Duc

Blessing and Cursing SERIES Blessing and Cursing

James 3:1-12 / 3.5.17
Luke Le Duc

Ingenious Faith and Living Proof SERIES Ingenious Faith and Living Proof

James 2:14-26 / 2.26.17
Bruce Mawhinney

The Problem with Partiality SERIES The Problem with Partiality

James 2:1-13 / 2.19.17
Bruce Etter

Hearing and Doing SERIES Hearing and Doing

James 1:19-27 / 2.12.17
Luke Le Duc

Temptation and Endurance SERIES Temptation and Endurance

James 1:9-18 / 2.5.17
Luke Le Duc

Trials and Doubt SERIES Trials and Doubt

James 1:1-11 / 1.29.17
Luke Le Duc